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Jambo!  (Swahili for Hello!)

I am Yasmine owner and CEO of Ode To Ebony LLC. I'm so happy that you are here!

I am originally from Los Angeles, California and moved to Florida for college, attending the one and only Florida A&M University. It was there that I developed a passion for all things natural. It would be a few years post-graduation that I would decide to get into making whipped shea butter products as a passion project. 


I seem to have always been interested in doing it "from scratch", from crafting to baking, so when my husband and I were searching for good moisturizers, this was no different. I began researching the best natural and organic products to suit the needs of melanated skin and it has been a wonderful adventure from there. 

I started Ode To Ebony because I am passionate about our melanated people and the ingredients of the products we are putting on and into our bodies. Let’s help moisturize and protect that glow! 

Welcome to Ode To Ebony. Did you shea today?

Lets glow together,


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About Yasmine

Yasmine Cooper - African American business owner - Owner, CEO of Ode To Ebony
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Yasmine Cooper,

Owner and CEO of Ode To Ebony LLC

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About Ode To Ebony

I frequently receive questions like, "Who is Ebony" and "What is an Ode?" So I wanted to share what Ode to Ebony means to me and why I chose this name for my business.

An Ode is a kind of poem, usually praising something. Expressing emotion lyrically-and it is usually addressed to someone or something. Ebony is derived from the name of the "Ebony Tree" that produces a naturally dark-colored wood, that is known to be highly prized when black.

When you use our products, you are immersing yourself in the luxury of only the best natural ingredients designed for skin that deserves all of the attention.

Ode To Ebony is a dedication to you.

-Stay Sweet Ebonies

Customer Love

Leah's Review - Ode To Ebony

“This product is so moisturizing, yet light! My pores don't feel clogged or anything! Plus, this left my skin GLOWING! Will definitely purchase again!”


Korrie's Review - Ode To Ebony

”Magic in a jar! Makes ya skin feel all nice and smooth”



Jay's Review - Ode To Ebony

"I believe in your product so much that I felt compelled to compile this together... Thank you so much for this butter that makes my skin feel like BUTTA!”


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